Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Neutral...timeless and tireless

Neutral decor is timeless and 
I've found I never seem to tire of it.  
Here's a quick Pic Stitch of just a few of my favorite neutral accessories in our home...
Take a peek!
Have a happy day,

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This weeks bounty...DOGWOOD CLIPPINGS!!

Hi friends...once again I needed to run outside and get this weeks bounty and bring it in...
The Dogwood Tree is in full bloom...
Take a peek!!

Have a happy day,

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray bedroom redo..1 of 2

Hi friends...
If you follow along, you know that we've been painting all 3 of our daughters bedrooms.
The oldest is now out on her own and the second is graduating from college in a couple of weeks...AHH
Our third will be here for a while and I will blog about her bedroom redo soon.  
Below are some photos of our 
middle daughters room. 
 We painted the walls 
Sherwin Williams Popular Gray 
Take a peek and come back soon to see the 
last of the 3 girls rooms...
SW Popular Gray is such a great neutral.
 It's a total greige paint which makes it a perfect backdrop for any room.
I used SW Sea Salt to paint some of the accessories and the throw pillows I had made for my screen porch have found a new home in this bedroom!
Come back soon to see our 3rd daughters bedroom redo...
She chose the SW Popular Gray and
 got us going on painting all of their rooms...:)
Sometimes even decorators need a little nudge!!

Have a happy day,

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Lovely crabapple blossoms appear this time of year right outside our bay window...
Sadly they aren't here for long so I usually try to snip some before it's too late...
Take a peek!!

So go on out and clip what's beautiful in your yard or garden and BRING IT IN!!

Have a happy day,

Monday, March 27, 2017


Here's a super simple way to use a 
clay pot as a candle holder...
Paint it whatever color 
you wish
give a quick white wash...
I used a white acrylic paint and 
then sanded off the edges...
Create your own look with your favorite color...
Take a peek!!
Have a happy day,

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt bedroom redo!!

We've been painting it up here in the "Burbs"... 
all 3 of our girls bedrooms needed 
a new paint job....
We used SW Sea Salt for one of the rooms and 
SW Popular Gray for the other two...
(I'll be posting pics of those rooms soon)  
Our oldest daughter has moved out of state to start her own life as a HS teacher.  
My dad then stayed in that room while we took care of him during the last few months of his life...xo

Below is a look at it's new decor!
Take a peek... 
Have a happy day,

Friday, March 3, 2017

FROM BEACH TO BURBS visits Harney & Sons Fine Teas

My friend Kari & I have been on 
monthly "field trips" 
to local venues that we've both been 
wanting to visit...
Our most recent was to 
Harney & Sons Fine Teas.
They are master tea blenders and 
after many years of purchasing 
their teas for myself as well as for gifts, 
it was such a treat to finally 
visit and experience their flagship store.
 The tasting room 
as well as the shop are equally amazing.
 We started off with a lovely lunch in 
their quaint restaurant...
take a peek !!

French Onion soup...YUM!!
& look at this GORGEOUS salad!

Teas galore!!
The tasting room allows you to sample many different varieties...

LOVE a big mug!!

The staff is friendly and oh so helpful!
Be sure to make time for some afternoon tea
at Harney & Sons Fine Teas in Millerton, NY!

Have a happy day,

Friday, January 27, 2017


Have you purchased one of those  pin boards with the burlap or linen covered back???...
Super cute but they hold NOTHING!!...
 Well, they do for a bit but the photos/papers tended to come off no matter what we used to secure them.  While repainting our youngest daughters room, I was determined to make that pin board work.  She wants it to hold photos so we simply attached some twine with upholstery tacks and used the mini clothes pins to hold the photos...
Now nothing will fall off and she can easily change it out whenever she wants...
I love quick, simple fixes...take a peek!!
Like I said, the burlap is lovely but it's not cork board!!...
This is all you need to keep your photos/papers  in place...

I had these cute upholstery tacks sitting in a drawer for years...
It's the perfect way to hold the twine in place!
Now she can easily swap out her photos for years to come...
Have a happy day,

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Softening the look of a dated brick fireplace...

This past weekend I worked on my clients 
1963 fireplace...
She was looking to soften the look of the 
orangey, bright red brick 
without covering it completely to 
blend with the rest of her 
beautifully updated home...
Scroll through the before and afters 
to see this subtle yet big difference.
I think we achieved the look she was going for...
Take a peek!!

The photo above is the after...
below the before...
Before and after....
We decided on lightening up the
wood box after this photo was taken.
(you can see that in the other photos)
Brick before...and after below
This brick absorbed the paint like
nothing I've ever seen...
It took multiple coats to achieve this look.
One more before and after
of the entire fireplace.

Now warm and lovely like the rest of her home...

Have a happy day,

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Since I've been in the house with
 my youngest who's had the flu, 
I've had time to catch up on my pile of unread magazines...and guess what???...
the IN decor color is MUSHROOM...
in all shades...(this makes me very happy)
Country Living says, 
"It's warmer than gray but cooler than taupe."
If you know me or follow along, that's the color I've been decorating with for a very long time....
Here's a quick look at how I use many variations of this hue in my decor and my life too!...
I had to stop myself or I'd be taking pics of 
almost everything in our home!!
Take a peek...

Even some of my go to personal items
are in a MUSHROOM shade...
you like what you like...haha

It's nice to see & read that this lovely neutral is here to stay....:)

Have a happy day,