Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some beauty in the "burbs"

Hi Friends!!

I've posted pictures of the outdoor beauty at the "beach" house, but thought I should share some beauty we get to enjoy in the "burbs"

This was a complete rainbow right over our "burb" house!!

This photo and the following are why people love the scenery here....we are lucky enough to have an old railroad bridge turned into a walkway over the river...the bridge in this photo is for cars but can be seen from the walkway...(I think it's beautiful)

And this would be almost a daily sight in our yard!!
There is such loveliness & beauty in nature!!
Have a happy day,

xo, Mariaelena

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Simple Something...

Hi Friends...
I'm bored beyond belief while recovering from foot surgery...I can't get around very well to work on any projects yet, but while sitting with my leg elevated for the 5th day...(UGH)...I was browsing through Pinterest and came across this:,un-vase-entoure-de-ficelle,2610153,70482.asp

A simple twine vase!!...perfect!!

It caught my eye and looked simple enough for me to accomplish and I had just the perfect flowers to use in my version...these lovely white tulips my dear friend brought me...Whatcha think???

A jar, glue gun, some twine and flowers:
can't get more simple than that!!

I tied a sheer ribbon around the base of the flowers...
lovely & simple:  my mantra these days...

xo, Mariaelena

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom Time!!

Hi Friends....
We had a busy week here last week...started with the Bruuuuuce concert and ended with my long awaited foot surgery and our middle daughter's Junior Prom!!
I promise that once I get back on my feet, I'll get back to blogging about some home decor projects...
so please tune in and keep on visiting!!'s a few pics of our middle daughter and her prom hair chosen from Pinterest!!

Took this one on my phone so a bit blurry, but so beautiful!!...waterfall braid with curls
(found on pinterest)

So happy and excited!!

In 10 years our little one will be going to her prom...

So I promise to get back to home decor blogging asap!!
xo, Mariaelena

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi Friends!!

This is not a home decorating post but a
 "best present ever" post!!
My husband and I don't usually give Valentine's day gifts, but this year he surprised me with tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in concert on April 16th in Albany!!...For all of you Bruce fans, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...It was a GREAT NIGHT!!


I love my husband and I love Bruce!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a "PINK PARTY!"

Hi Friends!
I wanted to share some pics from the 
we had for our youngest daughter's 7th birthday!
I really enjoyed preparing for this party...everything and everyone...(except for me an my hubby) was adorned in happy with the way it all turned out...:)

My little one chose just about everything...we made strawberry cupcakes with vanilla icing with pink sugar sprinkled on top!

I made pink chocolate Happy Birthday lollipops...I put a foam block in the basket and filled it with pink easter grass...

Instead of a traditional favor bag, we used these pink sand pails.  We filled pink paper lunch bags with treats and toped each basket off with this fluffy pink ribbon!!

LOVE these napkins...I chose

This was the first time I piped the icing through a bag (a ziploc with the corner snipped off) for the cupcakes...It was super easy and looked great!

We also served PINK PUNCH, PINK LEMONADE and PINK strawberry ice cream...oh and the BIG treat of the day was the cotton candy machine we rented:  PINK cotton candy for everyone..YUM!!
The PINK party was a success!!.....a great time was had by all!!

xo, Mariaelena

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