Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom Time!!

Hi Friends....
We had a busy week here last week...started with the Bruuuuuce concert and ended with my long awaited foot surgery and our middle daughter's Junior Prom!!
I promise that once I get back on my feet, I'll get back to blogging about some home decor projects...
so please tune in and keep on visiting!!....here's a few pics of our middle daughter and her prom hair chosen from Pinterest!!

Took this one on my phone so a bit blurry, but so beautiful!!...waterfall braid with curls
(found on pinterest)

So happy and excited!!

In 10 years our little one will be going to her prom...

So I promise to get back to home decor blogging asap!!
xo, Mariaelena


  1. Such sweet photos--your daughter is beautiful! Love her hair. My daughters are 9 years apart and so the last picture reminds me of my girls. That age difference is so great--my young daughter really looks up to her older sister and she is a great role model.

  2. Mariaelena-She is just beautiful. Her hair looks so lovely! And, that 10 years will fly by before you know it for your little Miss. Hope you are healing and not in pain! xo Diana

  3. Your daughter looks beautiful - I hope she had a great time at the prom!

  4. Your daughter looks so pretty! I bet she had a wonderful time!

  5. gorgeous! love the hair and the dress. very elegant.

  6. Your daughter is beautiful. Love the hair and dress. Your young daughter is so cute. They both have beautiful brown eyes.

  7. OMG they are both beyond adorable, cute dress and love the hair...That Pinterest has EVERYTHING!


  8. Hey friend your daughter looks stunning!! Love her dress! Hope she had a great time!