Tuesday, March 25, 2014

THE YEAR OF THE ZEBRA…for our youngest…:)

Our youngest daughter turns 9 today…and our middle turns 19….(yes, born 10 years apart to the day!!)…anyway, our little one has been, shall we say, obsessed with all things ZEBRA…the animal, the print, etc….For her birthday gift from my husband and I, she wanted her bedroom redone.  So she chose the color and accessories…Her bedroom has been the most lovely, cottage chic room….now it has been painted lime green…and when we are finished will be accessorized with zebra items here and there…I will post when complete…In the mean time, she had her zebra themed birthday party this past Saturday and today brought in her zebra themed classroom treat…below are a few pics of this moment in time...

have to love duct tape!!

Making the zebra pretzel rods as her school birthday treat!!

THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS: BORN 3/25/95 & 3/25/05

The credit for this photo sampling of the 2 of them goes to Kate, our middle, who is away at college and turns 19 today.  She sent this along with a LOVELY birthday note to Hannah Mae on her IPOD this morning. (sometimes technology comes in so handy) It brought the little one to tears….
We are blessed to have been given the gift of 3 wonderful daughters…:)
Have a happy day!!!
xo, Mariaelena