Saturday, July 30, 2011

Migraines sure get in the way of life and blogging!!!!

Hi friends....anyone out there suffer from migraines????.....I'm hopefully finally coming out of one of my longest stretches...started Monday night and I'm just starting to feel better...(almost afraid to say it out loud).....I've tried so many things to stop these darn things.......seems like in the end,  time is the only thing that works...waiting it out...while taking over the counter, prescription drugs etc..(although a live in massage therapist would be fabulous!!!) hard when you have children and tons of projects you want to work on and blog about......I'm truly blessed that this is my only health problem...every time I have one and am down for the count, I think and pray for all of those moms out there that are suffering some serious illness and are never feeling good....It is sooo true that we take our health for granted.....hopefully able to get out on my bike and hit some tag sales this morning......

XOXO, Mariaelena......:)


  1. I soooooo feel for you! I too have had a migraine off and on for the past week. Just when I think I've knocked it, here it comes again. Nothing worse than going to bed with one and then waking up with it again the next morning :( I wish I had some fabulous secret to give you for getting rid of them, but I've got nothing. I think your idea of a live in massage therapist is a fabulous idea though :)

  2. I am so sorry. I get them I got older (hormones change you know?) they got lesser and lesser. (although I do still get them occasionally) I hope you feel better because I sure do wish I had some remedy for you!

  3. Mariaelena - I feel for you! I have one today (sometimes the weather for me is the biggest factor). I agree there's not much to do but take some Ibuprofen and wait it out. It does get in the way of getting things done for sure! I will send thoughts of cool, dark, quiet places to you.....hugs,

  4. I totally understand. I had migraine headaches from the time I was 14 until just a few years ago. I'm 52. I had a partial hysterectomy removing my ovaries that put me straight into menopause. That's when the headaches stopped. I'm convinced they are hormone related. Mine lasted for days and sometimes nothing I did had any effect. You joked about a massage therapist but you should try it sometime you have a migraine. They can relax the right muscles in your head and neck. I have had success with massage treatments...besides it feels wonderful!
    Hang in there...hope your Sunday is good.

  5. Hope your feeling better Mariaelena!! I've only had 1 migraine and it was years ago and boy it knocked me for a loop, I couldn't even raise my head off the pillow! Feel better, Martina

  6. I've had a migraine EVERY single month with my period since I was 19. I am now 55 and going thru menopause. I am convinced that my migraines were always hormone related. During menopause the migraines now come when I should be having my period and last about 3 full days. I totally understand what you are going thru and you're right - they will go away on their own because you have to wait until your hormones level out again. I think that's why meds don't help. I am hoping and praying that as soon as I'm thru with menopause the migraines will disappear. I hope you're feeling better. They really suck, don't they?

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    Ps Join the migraine club!

  8. I usually get a really bad headache right before my friend pays a visit. 2 Aleve cure it.