Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still life beach words needed..

Happy Thursday friends!!!

Here's a peek at some natural beach beauty I have been so fortunate to enjoy this summer....
warning:   I'm a sunrise/sunset junkie!!!!

Ok, just a few words...I especially love this pic because my two oldest daughters are ocean lifeguards here in the proud of both of them....

Hope you enjoyed...and happy's not over yet!!!!

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  1. Gorgeous Mariaelena, you should frame some of these! Martina

  2. Very, very nice pics!!!!!!! I'm a sunrise/sunset junkie, too :-)

  3. So serene & so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am a junkie too!
    Love your post! Smiles~
    Gypsea Nurse

  5. I love the pictures! I'll bee featuring them on my top temn tomorrow, at Boogiebord Cottage. :O)

  6. Oh my goodness -- I love your pictures! How blessed you are to be able to enjoy this kind of scenery all summer long! Hubby and I were just up on Lake Michigan near our home and it was a WINDY day -- it looked like ocean waves and we were commenting on how difficult it must be to be a lifeguard in open water like that! Our twin daughters are lifeguards at two local pools. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics with us!

  7. Hi Mariaelana
    Such beautiful photos. I see you have nice soft fine jersy sand too. I am also ansunset sunrise beach junky, i enjoyed each second of your pics!

  8. I really enjoyed these gorgeous pictures!!

    I am now following. Hope you have a chance to stop by my beachy blog too!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend and ciao!

  9. What gorgeous photos! I love sunsets too! We have some glorious ones here on the Puget Sound. I would love sunrises too, but I am not a morning person:) Life is better at the beach, don't you think?