Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Beach House Mantel...

Happy Sunday!!!...and Happy Labor Day weekend....We have spent sooooo much time just going to the beach every day for the last two months, that I haven't accomplished very much in the beach house....We decided that we would get more of those projects done when we are here for fall and winter stay tuned and please be patient with me....I did, however decorate our mantel.   I decided to keep it simple, since it will remain like this most of the time....hope you like it......

Yes, you've seen me use these lit branches on our "burb" mantel as them...

This is just a small part of our youngest daughters sea glass collection...she is the best collector in the family!!...picked this cute little jar up at a tag sale for her to display them...

I adore these cement birds....

I found both of these items in 2 of my favorite shops down here at the shore...the possibilities are endless for that great pedestal!! 

Of course, dead center on the mantel is our pride and joy...that is a canvas I ordered from a photo I took a couple of years ago....I surprised my husband with it when the house was complete last year....I purchased the open frame at Michaels.

I've had this galvanized sap bucket forever...I added some dried babies breath wrapped in some tissue paper.....
Simple, but just right for this house....

xoxo, Mariaelena

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  1. Love the mantel! I just discovered those lit twiggy things & added them to my entry floral display - I'm thinking about more! Everything looks so perfect together, but the photo is just precious!
    :) CAS

  2. Very pretty Mariaelena and that picture of your girls is beautiful! Have a great holiday weekend, Martina

  3. Very pretty! The photo is the perfect focal point of the mantel.

  4. The mantel looks perfect. I love the lighted branches, they are such a great touch and your picture of the girls is stunning. Just perfect. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your mantel is just beautiful...very simple and beachy, just perfect for your home! I love the picture of your girls and the collection of sea glass! Very pretty!


  6. I bet that room is gorgeous at night! :)


  7. Hi - I just found you at Faded Charm. Love your white mantle!
    See you soon, since I'm following you now.

  8. Love your mantle, and the addition of the lighted branches. Adds some sparkle and I bet its really pretty at night too. Thank you so much for joining in the very first Keep It Simple Party. Blessings, Barb

  9. Your mantle is simple yet elegant. I love it! It's great that you've got a jar for your daughter's sea glass collection. She's gonna enjoy collecting even more of those.

    Donna Parsley

  10. Hi there, I I really like the lit branches!! They look stunning. I was wondering where did you buy them?