Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi Friends!!

We had a GORGEOUS summery weekend here in the Northeast and so after spending the weekend poolside, I'm getting a start on switching out some spring and replacing it with SUMMER...HOORAY!!!
All of the shells and sea glass and sand dollars were collected over the years by my entire family...they are our favorite treasures...:)
Seashells in an old milk bottle that my husband gave me when we were dating.  He dug it up in the bay while clamming...I LOVE it!!

Our youngest daughter is the sea glass/sand dollar  queen collector every summer!!..we think it's because she's the lowest to the ground...:)

My dear friend brought this over to me a couple of weeks ago...what a lovely gift!! 

I love the way these greens cascade from the weathered wall tin...

I will be planting these in the pots by the pool as soon as we catch the woodchuck that is eating everything in my garden...we've set the have a heart trap 3 times and so far have caught 3 squirrels!!!
I've got some other projects going on as we get ready to head to the beach house for stay tuned and come on back for a visit...

Have a happy day..
xo, Mariaelena

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  1. I really love to decorate with shells, too!!! Beautiful fotos and inspirations... thanks for sharing and have a nice week!


  2. Hey friend everything looks great!! That basket of petunias is gorgeous!! Our pool still isn't opened. The hubby had knee surgery 2wks ago and is still having a hard time getting around. He hopes to get it done this week.

  3. Everything looks so pretty! Seashells always make such a nice addition.

  4. All your shells look so pretty. I love the beach look. I also am a big fan of petunias! They are sch a great way to add color to your gardens and they always seem to produce so well.

  5. Loving all the beachy feel of everything. Your friend gifted you with some beautiful flowers, too. Great pictures here~ xo Diana

  6. I love how you've decorated with the sea shells. I decorate with them too. I also like sea glass but I only have a few small pieces.
    The petunias are beautiful too.

  7. Beautiful summer decor! And gorgeous flowers!

  8. Beautiful vignette - perfect for summer!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  9. Love those candle holders with the seaglass in it!! Everything looks perfectly beachy!!