Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have NEVER purchased a sea shell and pride myself on the fact that we only COLLECT sea shells and sea glass.  We NEVER keep a starfish that we find, but send it back into the ocean in hopes that it lives...that being said, I saw starfish garland in one of my favorite shops down the shore. Instead of buying it, I picked up a package of artificial starfish for $1.99 and used some twine to create my own...I'm planning on using it in one of the girls beach house rooms...super simple!

I hung it up on this mirror on our "burb" screen porch to see how it would hang...

xo, Mariaelena


  1. I love it!! Great shots Mariaelena! Happy summer:)

  2. that looks great.. I want to shop with you. How I would love a pack of the starfish. I cant find any here at home. Yours are perfect~!

  3. It looks great in your screened in porch. I'm sure it will looke great in your daughter's room too.