Wednesday, May 4, 2016

THE LOCAL: Market & Kitchen...A MUST SEE

If you are lucky enough to spend time on Long Beach Island, NJ, there's a new Market in town: 
Market & Kitchen
If you aren't able to be there in person please scroll through the photos below...
lots of eye candy for all who appreciate recycling, organic items, water conservation, and gorgeous surroundings. 
 The attention to detail used inside and out of this new establishment is amazing and oh so appreciated!!...
Take a peek at the many snapshots below and enjoy!  
If you happen to be in Ship Bottom, NJ, 
 be sure to stop by!  
I promise you won't be disappointed...
Barista heaven and look at that amazing seating area...
all made from reclaimed wood!
Baguettes, pastries & delicious baked goods
stock the beautiful concrete counters...
Lovely displays filled with all types of treats...
Wood plaques hang on the wall above the seating area
listing all of the hurricanes the Island has endured over the years...
LOVE the water barrels collecting rain from
the gutters to water their beautiful flowers and plants...
Organic types of display units are used all over the market..
A handmade barn door exhibits the great craftsmanship
showcased throughout the Market...
This counter bar was built using wood
from an old barn silo...
Concrete counters with subway tile...PERFECTION
REAL lanterns....again, LOVE & appreciate this detail!!
I'm expecting to spend lots of time in these chairs
enjoying some whole food & a great cup of local roasted coffee!!

Have a happy day,


  1. I'll be sitting in the chair next to you Mariaelena.

  2. Looks like a terrific place! I can definitely see you there :)