Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Softening the look of a dated brick fireplace...

This past weekend I worked on my clients 
1963 fireplace...
She was looking to soften the look of the 
orangey, bright red brick 
without covering it completely to 
blend with the rest of her 
beautifully updated home...
Scroll through the before and afters 
to see this subtle yet big difference.
I think we achieved the look she was going for...
Take a peek!!

The photo above is the after...
below the before...
Before and after....
We decided on lightening up the
wood box after this photo was taken.
(you can see that in the other photos)
Brick before...and after below
This brick absorbed the paint like
nothing I've ever seen...
It took multiple coats to achieve this look.
One more before and after
of the entire fireplace.

Now warm and lovely like the rest of her home...

Have a happy day,

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