Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family Tradition: Making our own Easter Baskets on Easter Eve!!

I wanted to share a long standing family tradition in our home.....I did this with my siblings during my childhood and have carried it on with our own children....The kids make their own Easter Baskets out of cardboard boxes.....This year because we have been soooo ridiculously busy...(college visits, swim meets, etc)....we had our little one shower, get in her PJS and then we got our craft on!!!...
Our oldest was missing this year as her Spring Break was the week before..:(

Finished basket!!!

And a little note from Hannah Mae with questions to be answered by EB!!!

Happy Easter!!
xo, Mariaelena


  1. That's a great tradition! I love that Hannah Mae did a little "20 questions.!"

    Hope it was a wonderful Easter for you and your family.

  2. When I was little we were living in a hotel for awhile. I think we were in between moves. It was during Easter and my mom had none of our Easter stuff. She made my brother and I two of the most beautiful baskets out of cardboard. This post brought back that memory.

    I think the girls did a great job on their basket. :)

    Hope you had a blessed Easter.

  3. What a great tradition!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter Mariaelena!

  4. A stunning post. Much obliged to you for such a large number of thoughts to add to the fun and closeness