Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog withdrawal!!!!!!

Hi friends....I am having blog withdrawal.........we were away last week and I was hoping to come back and share some beach house pics with you....instead, what I came back to was a broken computer..(not sure what happened)...UGH!!!! wanted to let you know that I'm still here and eager to get back to blogging...I'm using my daughter's little net book to get this out, but I don't have my photos on here to share....Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!.....and REALLY hope to be back up and running real soon!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo, Mariaelena


  1. Oh Mariaelena that stinks!! I know what you mean about bloggers withdrawal(LOL)!! Martina

  2. there has been the blog withdrawal and now there is comeback with the team. This time they will share their experiences at the beach. There at the beach they found that very nicely, restaurants have been decorated by the