Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Beach House kitchen!!!

So, I'm back!!!....Boy has life been busy as of late....that and the fact that we have had major computer problems....Thanks so much to the ladies who responded to my last post!!! were SO helpful......anyway...we went down to our beach house over the Memorial Day weekend...(our family's official start to summer)...I plan on doing all of my blogging this summer on the BEACH portion of "from Beach to Burbs"....but, I wanted to give you a quick look at our kitchen...(I will show more detail soon) ....If you are new to my blog, you can go back and get some history on our beach house....Last summer was the first summer in the new house.  Although my husband and I worked hard planning every detail of rebuilding the beach house, I took special attention in planning the kitchen....I LOVE how it turned out and  hope you like it too....decorating to follow in the coming months.......

TADA!!!!....I LOVE this kitchen....It isn't huge, but turned out to be even more than I need....

My absolute, hands down favorite part of this apron sink and fabulous faucet!!!!

This pantry is a close second in the fav department....I worked with the kitchen designer to come up with a solution to be able to fit the pantry in....I have one in the "Burb" house and couldn't imagine living without one at the beach....At home, I have a one piece pantry the beach house, I couldn't have the upper cabinet as deep as the bottom, so I came up with the idea to have it in two pieces and make it only a 12 inch depth on top....I added a drawer for storage that rolls out right on the counter........LOVE it....I put all of the cling wrap, tin foil, etc in there....cans and boxes fit perfectly on the top shelves of the pantry....

It took me about a year to finally decide to go with the Absolute Black granite....It was my first pick, but everyone said it would be so much work to maintain......I thought about it long and hard and in the end decided that I had to have it anyway!!!.....I knew going in that this kitchen would be higher maintenance than my kitchen at home, but I have had this look in my head for as long as I can remember for when we finally rebuilt the beach house......I'm glad I stuck to my original choices....I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I promise I'll shine it all up if you come over to

Happy Summer and soooo glad to be back to blogging!!!
xoxo, Mariaelena

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  1. GORGEOUS Mariaelena!!! I just LOVE it all especially that black granite! Martina

  2. More than you need? In this case more is better! What a FAB kitchen. Love the details like that plate rack. And the SINK!!!!

  3. Gorgeous kitchen! I love it. I have an apron sink and it's still the favorite part of my kitchen. I'm almost done redoing ours andwill be posting pics shortly.

    Enjoy your summer in this beautiful kitchen:-)


  4. so lovely. girl you are sooo fortunate to have a beach house.

  5. Beautiful, I love black and white in the kitchen and this reminds me of mine a lot. But I have soapstone instead of granite.

  6. That is one beautiful kitchen! Thank you also for posting that you were having trouble with comminting...I was too! Thanks to you and one of your commentors...I am now able to comment again...

    Have a fabulous time at the beach! I would love to be there too...maybe next year.

  7. Hi Mariaelena, I've been on a blogging hiatus due to all the other chaos going on here & continues; but I just had to comment on your beach house kitchen. It is just beautiful! I think you were very smart to go with the black granite -- gorgeous! Hope you enjoy many, many wonderful summer days at the beach.

    I hope to have something to share soon!
    xoxo, CAS

  8. Simply stunning kitchen, great job! Can't wait to see more, happy to have found your blog!

  9. darling kitchen, we just bot an old tiny beach cottage too, your makeover is wonderful, i wanted to live it in a year before changing, your layout could be mine :)

  10. What a stunning kitchen. Visiting from Brenda's at Cozy Little House welcome wagon. So glad she pointed us your way. Love the antique place in the post after this one, too. Having a giveaway at my blog if you want to check it out.

  11. Its beautiful! Love the black and white, the cane seat stools, and that wonderful farmhouse sink!

  12. Love your kitchen! That is sink and faucet are wonderful!

  13. What a gorgeous kitchen! You cannot go wrong with all white. Thanks for sharing it in the series!


  14. The sink and faucet are fab. The whole thing is gorgeous. Now I want to see the one you have at "home" :) The plate rack/holder thing is very cool and being at the beach it just had to be white. Love it

  15. For some reason... I could SWEAR I had commented on this kitchen before? Well, It's worth a second comment regardless. It's fabulous!! You made such lovely choices from the gorgeous cabinets to all the special finishes. Bravo =)

  16. After seeing your darling cottage, I am on the quest for my own. We know what a lot of white paint and some slipcovers can do.

  17. Hi there,

    Fantastic kitchen! Love the backsplash. Do you remember if it was standard white subway tile, or a named white glass subway tile?

    Thanks in advance!