Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home sweet beach home....and a question for you...

Hi friends....we are here at the beach portion of "from beach to burbs"......this is the view from our upper deck....I'm taking a few minutes to relax after a crazy but fun month of our oldest graduating from h.s., our youngest finishing kindergarten and the never ending final exams for our middle daughter....now the summer fun begins...I'm posting this from my phone, but hoping to order a laptop soon so you can all join me as I start decorating our beach house....thinking about the Apple MAC....or the Dell....does anyone blog from an iPad????.....I'd love to hear your thoughts......until I get one or the other, I'll be using this phone....ugh!!!.....happy Tuesday!!!

view from upper deck....big apology for the pic....taken from my phone....


  1. I just want to say "Hi", I'm your newest follower! Very nice blog, can't wait to read/see more about your beach house decoration!! Have a lot of summer fun :-)

    Jutta from Germany

  2. Enjoy your beach house! I love taking picures with my phone....beats my camera but I just can't really write a post with it. HEre is a beach post of mine you might enjoy. Already following.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the beach house. I have a MacBook Pro (for a little over a year now) and absolutely love it. Good luck on the search!
    xo, CAS